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EEATN - Equipment, Positions and Mounting Techniques

List of Equipment, Therapy Positions on horse and Mounting Techniques used in European Equine Facilitated Therapy Centres. Help us to keep the list of the EAT equipment up-to-date and share with us your equipment, description, price and the provider.

Hand holds

This can include vaulting rollers, removable hand holds on saddles, fixed hand holds on saddles , fixed monkey grips, adapted rollers etc. All riders who feel insecure when riding. Patient with several postural conditions. Hugely beneficial in many sessions for children with low tone. 

Vaulting roller

For these particular rollers the legs need to be able to abduct significantly to position comfortable with it. Not useful for children with high tone and trouble with leg abduction. Would be beneficial for us to have a range of rollers with handles that are less intrusive to the position of the rider.

Source: Equine Assisted Ireland

Purchased: on-line



Hippotherapy handle

Fits every size of the horse, it never hurt its skin, allows horse scapula movement

Price: €600

Sattlerei Germany

Mounting ramps

Generally these are for wheelchair access, can be on wheels / movable or be fixed. It protects the horseback while mounting, nad it is less stressful mounting for the patient. A great helper for therapist back and the back of the horse, because getting on is much more considerate. If there is no ramp the lift is imperative to enable access. Safety during mounting.

The height should be fitted to the therapy horse height and the client as well. Ideal height is up to 2/3 of the horse's abdomen. It can also be multistage. It must be accessible so that the horse can be mounted on the right and left side. The minimum width of the ramp is 80 - 90 cm. If the ramp is no longer than three meters, it may have a slope of up to 17%. The ramp platform width should allow for sufficient handling space for the wheel-chair or pushchair, which is a circle with a diameter of 120 - 150 cm, depending on the type of vehicle.

Material: steel, iron, wood

Manufacturer: Made to measure to every center.

Price circa €1500-3000

Portable mounting blocks

Double mounting block with extra step for the top made to measure. For all mounting. It allows is to assist riders with multiple needs and levels of ability to mount due to the space and height of the block. The extra step is especially useful where the client has limited mobility or poor balance and they can then sit directly onto the horse without raising a leg to mount. 

Material: steel, iron, wood

Manufacturer: Made to measure to every center.

Price circa €200-500



Stabilising blocks or wedges

Safety belts

Reins - bits


Therapy positions on horse