European Equine Assisted Therapy Network (EEATN)

Inspiration for learning and sharing through open-minded collaboration

EEATN Subgroups

EEATN members have organized into distinct subgroups aligned with their specific interests and objectives aimed at achieving our overarching goals. These goals include recognizing the importance of Equine Assisted Therapy (EAT), establishing connections within our educational systems, supporting case studies and research, promoting evidence-based practices, and facilitating the exchange of best practices.

Every EEATN member is expected to actively participate in one of these subgroups. Each subgroup is led by a designated leader responsible for organizing activities and arranging meetings. Communication within the subgroups primarily occurs through WhatsApp groups and emails.

As a member, you are kindly requested to select a single subgroup where you can contribute your time, expertise, and knowledge. Although you will have access to documents from all subgroups, the intention is to focus your efforts in one area. Updates on the progress of all subgroups will be shared during general EEATN meetings.

Education subgroups work on standards, competencies, skills and knowledge for each profession involved in EAT.

  • Education subgroup for Equine Assisted Physiotherapy (EAPT) - group leader Anne Rokka (Fin)
  • Education subgroup for Equine Assisted Occupational Therapy (EAOT) - group leader Audrey Darby (Ire)
  • Education subgroup for Equine Assisted Speech and Language Therapy (EASLT)  - group leader Joanna Dzwonkovska (PL)
  • Education subgroup for Equine Assisted Psychological Therapy (EAPsT) - group leader Joanna Pereira (Port)
  • Education subgroup for Equine Assisted Psychomotor Therapy (EAPmT) - group leader Catia Rainho (Port)

Reserving knowledge subgroup - group leader Sanna Mattila-Rautiainen (Fin) - working on professional competence, Case studies, Collection of studies we have at the European level (abstracts in English)

Research subgroup - group leader Inês Pereira de Figueiredo (Port) - the group aims to complete a survey and look for the methodology in the research.

Practice sharing presentation subgroup - group leader Maria Liga (Gr) - sharing interesting cases via online meetings. 'Safe space' for therapists to share their work and discuss without criticism and judgement. The group will work on the preparation of the presentations.

Therapy equine management and training subgroup - group leader Helena Costa (Port) - a subgroup is concentrating on equine management and training. This group is open to anyone participating in equine training and management.

Best practice exchange subgroup - group leader Nona Dane (GB) - planning to exchange best practices via visiting our centres. The group will set the protocol for the visits to be the most productive and financially affordable.