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On-line from  4 December 2023 (5 modules, learn at your own pace, whenever it fits your schedule)

You can learn in the way that works best for you, using an audio, written texts or a video in different languages.

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Equine Assisted Services (EAS) is an umbrella term for any activity or therapy where specially prepared horses or ponies and persons with special needs meet and connect. EAS divides into several fields, depending on the client's needs and focusing on the expected outcomes set by the expert and the client.

Why should you attend our course?

We have had over 25 years of experience in EAS, trained many staff members, and ran our centres.

Who can join the course?

This course has been designed for assistants, helpers, side-walkers, and administration staff to gain deeper insight into Equine Assisted Services. After completing the course, you will understand the principles, safety and working procedures.

What will you learn?

Our course focuses on gaining theoretical and practical skills. What will you learn?

  • The EAS principles
    and how it may positively influence human health
  • How to utilise all aspects of the stables environment
    and the presence of the equine
  • How to perform a safe and productive lesson
    or session should look like. What quality marks expect from providers.
  • EAS history and evolution
    in the world, EAS associations
  • Main indications and contraindications
    to be aware of precautions
  • Therapy positions on the equine back
    and how to assist the therapist or instructor
  • Mounting, dismounting,
    securing the client on and aroung the equine
  • Overview of EAS applications
    for common diagnosis
  • Team members and their roles
    for all EAS field
  • Factors contributing to safety
    in the EFT treatment sessions and program
  • Potential emergencies
    and appropriate procedures
  • How to communicatice with client
    and the family
  • Selection and use of EAS equipment
    for the centre, equines and clients
  • Overview of documentation and record keeping
    including EAS program administration and funding
  • Overview of Equine skills and knowledge
    equine evolution, body language, health, wellbeing, anatomy and physiology
  • Therapy equines
    selection, preparation and training and movement specifics
  • Ways of Equine handling during EAS
    including up-to-date approaches to equine welfare


Vera Lantelme-Faisan

Hippotherapy clinical specialist, senior lecturer
Vera has extensive experience in paediatric rehabilitation (since 1999) and has completed several specialized courses – Hippotherapy (under the Czech Equine Facilitated Therapy Association and American Hippotherapy Association), Vojta method, CranioSacral Therapy, etc. She focuses on Equine Facilitated Physiotherapy (EFT)/Hippotherapy services for children from 3 months of age with a wide range of diagnoses.

Your course includes

  • 5 Modules – learn at your own pace, whenever it fits your schedule - lessons are released weekly, but you will have continued access to all of the content to revisit as often as you like.
  • Combination of videos, audio and written texts, so you can learn the way that suits you the most.
  • The Quick Reference Workbook (digital copy) at the end of the course.
  • Certificate of completion.
  • Support with all our courses, this is a well-supported program – to ensure you keep progressing and don't get stuck. Your lector is ready to answer your inquiries via email.
  • Lifetime Access to the Entire Course - there is no expiration date, and your access to the videos will never go away. You will receive all the future additions for Free.
  • Access to a particular FB community group to connect the EAS practitioners to share your experience.
  • Full 30-Day Money Back Guarantee - if you are not satisfied with this Course for any reason, return it for a full refund within 30 days of joining the course.​​

​In case you're wondering...

What If I Don’t Have The Time Right Now?

We get it, life is busy! When you join this online course, you are a member for life, so you can go through the course now or later, or as often as you want!

When Does The Course Start?

You can get started with Module One from the 9th October 2023 onward. The modules are released weekly, but you will have continued access to all of the content to revisit as often as you like.

What If My Internet Is Super Slow?

While most of the Course content is delivered over the internet, the videos can be customized for playback in slow internet areas. If you do join and find that you can't participate in the Course as you hoped, we offer a 30 Day Full Money Back Guarantee.

What If I Fall Behind?

When you join this course, you have lifetime access, so you can go through at your own pace, and retake the Course as many times as you wish!

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Your gained competency

Our course focuses on gaining theoretical and practical skills for assisteing during EAS lessons and sessions. What will you gain?

  • Comprensive knowledge about EAS fields
    know the different aproaches and principles
  • Skills how to to be productive and helpful
    for client and therapist or introctor and facilitate the best outcome results
  • The ability to facilitate a safe
    and effectice environment
  • The ability to follow and assist the plan
    to meet the client's needs
  • The ability to use handling
    and transferring techniques of the client
  • Being able to assist with mounting and dismounting
    with the equipment available in accordance with the treatment goals and the client´s needs
  • Being able to use the special tack and equipment
    based on the needs of the client and the treatment goals
  • Knowledge in observing the equine behaviour
    and environment to facilitate a safe and effective treatment session for all involved

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